"Wind sounds originating from a digital data file from NASA's Mars Pathfinder, have been combined by classical solo piano music by Johann Sebastian Bach." Space News

"As for Mars, its winds as revealed are intriguing and rich in texture. The sounds are similar to those of moody terrestrial blows." New York Times

"Listening to the Winds of Mars: A Blend of Arts and Science" International Herald Tribune

"US-Ingenieure und Kirchenmusiker haben in einer ungewohnlichen Zusamenarbeit Musik produziert, die nicht ganz von dieser Welt ist." Suddeutsche Zeitung

"The music is a refreshing change of pace, the presentation hits the mark...a first class project worthy of the attention of every music lover." James St. James, Internationally syndicated radio personality

"Two stars of the solar system: Bach and Mars." Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The wind sounds introduce and underlie each of the Bach pieces, giving an eerie, otherworldly quality to them, in the same way humpback whale cries have allowed listeners to experience one component of the ocean depths." Saint Paul Pioneer Press

"La interpretacion esta a cargo de Roderick Kettlewell, un verdadero especialista en Bach, quien nos regala, con un derroche de estilo y virtuosismo, la base fundamental para esta grabacion, que resulta, ademas de una obra de arte, una autentica obra historica." El Nuevo Herald

"Over the past few years, Roderick Kettlewell has made a name for himself with his "ambient" recordings.... On his latest disc, Kettlewell exploits a similar concept, but instead of using sounds made close to home, he's chosen more extraterrestrial accompaniment." Minnesota Monthly, Dec. 1998

"Winds of Mars weds science and art to create a relaxing, out-of-this-world listening experience." Minnesota Monthly, Jan. 1999

"Science combines with art in Winds of Mars." The Metro Lutheran

"This is indeed a whimsical work... a little night music for space freaks!" Curt Struck, Professor of Astrophysics, Iowa State University, Ames

"The first time I listened to it I stayed late and turned the volume up so I could experience the 'extraterrestrial' aspect better. I got goosebumps." B. McConnell, Creative Services Director, Minneapolis, MN

"Check out Bach making his bid for astronaut duty. And you thought John Glenn was pushing it." Aquarius, A Sign of the Times

"Spaced out." The Blade, Toledo, Ohio

"What a cosmic disc!" Raymond Jones, WHRO-FM, Norfolk, VA

Also heard on internationally on BBC Radio, CBC Radio, Voice of America, Colorado Public Radio, Minnesota Public Radio and many others.